Research priorities

Application domains

  • Cloud Computing, Fog Computing and Internet of Things
  • Industry 4.0, Critical Infrastructures and Smart Cities
  • Telecommunications and 5G
  • Banks and insurance companies
  • Defense and National Security

Memberships and collaborations

Recent Projects, Contracts, Publications and Patents

Criptography, Privacy and Data Protection

Secure Communication in the Quantum Era: 2018-2020

Identity and Access Management

MIdaaS - Mobiquitous Identities as a Service: 2015-2016

SmartObject Connect to solve access control in healthcare projects: 2016-2018

Cybersecurity in distributed systems

Improving the cybersecurity maturity level of critical infrastructures: 2016 (for Logitek)

Security and Privacy strategies for cloud-based startups: 2018-2019 (for Rated Power)

Security analitycs and Data Science for security

SABERMED (Swarm Agent-Based Enviroment for Reputation in MEDicine): 2018-2021

URJC-Ericsson Chair for Data Science and Security in 5G: 2016-2019

Operating systems & software security and testing

ElasTest - An elastic platform to ease end to end testing: 2017-2019

Biometry, Artificial Vision and Physical Security

ABC4EU - Automated Border Control Gates for Europe: 2014-2018

Inteligencia Artificial y Métodos Matemáticos Avanzados para el Reconocimiento Automático de Actividades Humanas en Sistemas de Inteligencia Ambiental: 2016-2018

Teaching innovation in cybersecurity

Cybersecurity MOOC (MiriadaX, around 20.000 students): 2016-today